“We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it and for the dollar amount we said it could be done”

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  • Architectural Division 8 concept iconArchitectural Division 8 will design and manufacture custom solutions, or provide pre-manufactured products to the door and door hardware industry. Piecemeal solutions obtained from numerous sources will be eliminated with the “total opening solution” strategy.

  • Architectural Division 8 people iconAt Architectural Division 8 we have a top-notch team of accredited industry professionals, strong management and manufacturing expertise, eager to meet industry demands.

The AD8 Difference and Advantage

Expertise and knowledge matters! Today’s world life safety and security commands a much larger concern than any previous time period in our history and the architectural opening is a key element with regards to both. Understanding codes, laws, and standards as they apply to the flow of people safely yet securely through a building involves greater challenges and expertise than ever before.

Architectural Division 8 understands this dynamic and has vested our company to meet this evolving demand. Through the Door & Hardware (DHI) Education Foundation we have invested heavily into providing our market and our customers with the expertise of industry accredited Architectural Hardware Consultants, AHC’s, continuing education and next generation consultants for today’s solutions and tomorrow’s challenges. Currently there are ten active certified consultants in the Greater Central Texas corridor. 20 percent of these consultants comprise the staff of AD8 and 70 percent are employed with AD8’s manufacturing partners. The remaining 10 percent is employed with one of the remaining ten suppliers in the Central Texas corridor.

Expertise and knowledge! Clearly AD8 represents a significant measure of corporate competence in the areas of design, planning, control and execution of today’s demanding project requirements.


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